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Pukwana Ya Kganya

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All of the information presented below is provided for information purposes only. Members should read the summary Regulations contained in their Membership Book very carefully in order to understand the terms and conditions relating to the various Benefits and Services offered by Pukwana ya Kganya. In the event of uncertainty, please feel free to phone the Kganya Helpline 0800 000 538.

With effect 1 April 2021, the monthly Contribution payable by Members comprises the following:

  • Sanlam Risk Premium: R53.50
  • KBFT: R29.55
  • KIA Commission: R14.75
  • Contribution to ZCC: R11.20
  • Church Branch Retention: R1.00
  • Monthly Contribution: R110.00

As a result of COVID-19, the increase in mortality (i.e. increase in claims) and current uncertainty has necessitated a decision by KBFT and Sanlam to enter into quarterly risk premium reviews.

Typically such reviews are conducted annually. In accordance with such agreement, the reviewed risk premium payable by the Trust to Sanlam each quarter will be dependent upon mortality expectations prevailing at each review date. In order to maintain the total monthly Contribution level at R110.00 for as long as is reasonably possible, KBFT, KIA and ZCC will reduce their respective allocations to accommodate any higher risk premium as required and, in need, KBFT will make use of its accumulated Reserves.


  • Pukwana ya Kganya will provide Burial Benefits for any Member or nominated children who pass away by accidental or natural causes.
  • After becoming a Member, there is a 3 month waiting period before death by natural causes is covered.
  • In the event of a death, a Burial Benefit takes away worries about money during such a difficult time.
  • Burial Benefits make sure that the Member and nominated children can have a dignified funeral when they pass on from this world.
  • All children nominated in the Membership Book, under 25 years old, will remain covered if the Member dies.
Who is Covered? Benefit Amount Remember
The Member R27 000
  • Monthly Contribution receipts must be shown in your Membership Book in the correct month of purchase.

  • Keep your payments up to date to make sure you and your dependants are covered.

  • Certain Church branches have been supplied with Kganya funeral trailers and tents. The congregation of that Church branch can use them for free. Any Member who needs to use them, must ask at their local Church branch.
Dependants 14 - 24 Years R27 000
Dependants 6 - 13 Years R13 000
Dependants 1 - 5 Years R9 500
Dependants 0 - 12 Months R5 200
Dependants Stillborn R3 500


  • Personal Accident Benefits are made available to Members AND their nominated dependants in the Membership Book, where such persons become Permanently Disabled.
  • Permanent Disability means:
    • the disability was caused by an accident.
    • the disability will be there for the rest of the person’s life and there is little or no chance of it healing.
    • the accident was not expected by the person.
    • you must be able to see the disability.
    • the disability must be permanent.
  • Only personal accidents as defined in the regulations will be covered.

Cover for Permanent Disability Member 14 - 24 Years 6 - 13 Years 1 - 5 Years 0 - 1 Year
Permanent loss of movement to both arms and legs (quadriplegic) R27 000 R27 000 R13 000 R9 500 R5 200
The loss of 2 or more limbs at or above the wrist or ankle R27 000 R27 000 R13 000 R9 500 R5 200
Permanent and total loss of speech R27 000 R27 000 R13 000 R9 500 R5 200
Permanent loss of hearing in both ears R27 000 R27 000 R13 000 R9 500 R5 200
Permanent and total loss of hearing in 1 ear R13 500 R13 500 R6 500 R4 750 R2 600
Some loss of hearing in 1 ear (50%) R6 750 R6 750 R3 250 R2 375 R1 300
Permanent blindness in both eyes R27 000 R27 000 R13 000 R9 500 R5 200
Permanent blindness in 1 eye R13 500 R13 500 R6 500 R4 750 R2 600
Some loss of sight in 1 eye (50%) R6 750 R6 750 R3 250 R2 375 R1 300
Loss or unable to use a limb at or above the wrist or ankle R27 000 R27 000 R13 000 R9 500 R5 200
Complete loss of 4 fingers on 1 hand R18 900 R18 900 R9 100 R6 650 R3 640
Complete loss of 3 fingers on 1 hand R10 800 R10 800 R5 200 R3 800 R2 080
Complete loss of 2 fingers on 1 hand R6 750 R6 750 R3 250 R2 375 R1 300
Complete loss of thumb R8 100 R8 100 R3 900 R2 850 R1 560
Partial loss of thumb R4 050 R4 050 R1 950 R1 425 R780
Complete loss of 4 toes on 1 foot R8 100 R8 100 R3 900 R2 850 R1 560
Complete loss of 1 toe R1 350 R1 350 R650 R475 R260


  • This Benefit is made available to Members only.
  • A Dread Disease, subject to certain exclusions, is one of the diseases listed in the table below.
  • These diseases must be diagnosed by a Medical Specialist.
Which Diseases Are Covered? What does this mean? Benefit Amount
Heart Attack This is when a part of the heart muscle dies because of too little blood supply to the heart. R27 000
Stroke This is when blood vessels are blocked or burst in the brain causing too little oxygen to get to certain parts of the brain. The damage from the stroke must last for more than 3 months. R27 000
Cancer This is when the person has a malignant tumour. These include lymphoma and sarcoma. R27 000
Coronary Artery (Bypass) Surgery This is when the person has heart surgery to fix a narrowing or blockage of 2 or more heart arteries. R27 000
Total Kidney Failure This is when both kidneys stop working. The disease is long-term and cannot be fixed. R27 000
Major Organ Transplant This is when a person receives a donor heart, liver, pancreas, bone marrow, kidney or lungs. R27 000
Blindess This is when a person has become permanently blind in both eyes because of a sickness or disease. R27 000
Coma This is when a person is unconscious because of a sickness and does not respond for at least 96 hours while on life support machines and there is permanent brain damage. R27 000
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) When a person has symptoms of demyelination (when the thin cover over the nerves is damaged) and their movements and senses like hearing, touch and seeing are affected. An MRI scan is used to help diagnose this disease. Symptoms must last longer than 6 months. R27 000

To assist Members and their Dependants, the Trust has negotiated a Funerary Management Service with Let’s Management and Transport Service (Pty) Ltd. Funerary Management Services are provided to qualifying Members free of charge.


  • The transfer of the deceased to a funeral home in South Africa (selected by the Member or beneficiary) closest to the place of burial, provided that the distance between the collection of the remains and the destination of such remains is greater than 100km (routes to be negotiated between the Member or beneficiary and the Service Provider);
  • Assistance in obtaining documentation.

What to do: A surviving family member calls 0800 000 538 to arrange for the remains to be moved from one area to another. 

  • ZCC, via the Trust, introduced a programme whereby qualifying Members who want to travel to attend Moria Conferences (Easter, September and December) are given a 50% discount on bus fare.
  • Another benefit of Leeto la Moria is that where a discounted bus ticket is issued, the Member may be eligible for a free meal at all three conferences during the calendar year printed on the Leeto la Moria receipt.
  • Members must have a Pukwana ya Kganya Membership Book and have a Contribution receipt in each of the 12 months prior to the month in which they wish to purchase a Leeto la Moria sticker. This receipt will have a calendar year printed on it. Once a Leeto la Moria sticker is purchased for R5, they will have access to these Services for the calendar year.
  • Bus tickets and meals are available on a first come, first served basis.

To assist the officials of the 20 member ZCC Church Branch Committees and ZCC Youth Committees (Officials) as well as permanent Moria workers the Trust has facilitated a Good Health Assessment Benefit at no cost to them through the following Service Providers:

      • Link Pharmacies
      • Select Clicks Pharmacy Clinics
      • Script Savers
      • Medicare
      • Pharmacy at Spar
      • The Local Choice Pharmacy
      • Alpha Pharm
      • Arrie Nel
      • We Care
      • Dischem
      • MediRite
      • Pick ‘n Pay Pharmacy
      • Van Heerden Pharmacy

If an Official or Moria worker requires assistance in locating a pharmacy in close proximity to them, they may call the Kganya Helpline on 0800 000 538.

  • ZCC, via the Trust, has made additional Burial and Personal Accident Benefits (Thari ya Baruti Benefits) available to officials of the 20 member ZCC Church Branch Committees and ZCC Youth Committees (Officials) as well as permanent Moria workers at no cost to them.
  • These benefits are only available to Church Branch Committee Members, Youth Committee Members and Moria workers who are officially registered at Moria. Committees must be correctly registered, constituted and function within the ZCC constitution.
  • These persons will receive the extra Benefit if they are Members, pay their monthly Contributions and if the underlying Burial or Personal Accident Benefit is paid.
  • The amount of the Thari ya Baruti Benefit will equal 50% of the Burial Benefit or Personal Accident Benefit paid. For example, if a Burial Benefit of R27 000 is paid out then another R13 500 will be paid for the Thari ya Baruti Benefit.
  • These additional Benefits relate to Burial and Personal Accident Cover only.
  • To assist Members, the Trust has negotiated Road Side Assistance Services with Global Choices Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd.
  • Road Side Assistance helps Members travelling to Moria in their own car.
  • This service is available during conference weekends from a week before the conference weekend until a week after the conference weekend.
  • Road Side Assistance is free subject to limits.


  • Tow-in Service:
    • Towing your car to the nearest approved dealership (if the vehicle is under warranty) or to a repair centre or panel beater.
    • This service is for mechanical or electrical breakdown and accident damage.
    • A maximum amount of R3 000 (incl. VAT) per breakdown.
  • Road Side Emergency Service:
    • Flat battery (jump start).
    • Flat tyre (help with changing the tyre).
    • Keys locked in the vehicle (unlocking only).
    • Fuel Assistance (5L per breakdown).
    • Minor repairs at the roadside (for example, electrical, oil, immobiliser).
    • Sending urgent messages.
    • A maximum amount of R2 000 (incl. VAT) per breakdown

If a Member requires Road Side Assistance during their journey to or back home from Moria for any of the 3 conferences each year, they may call the Kganya Helpline on 0800 000 538.


  • You must approach a Church Official at your local Church branch. The Church Official is trained by Kganya and he will help you join.
  • Registration: the Church Official will help you to complete all of your details in a Pukwana ya Kganya Membership Book.
  • You will pay R90 for the cost of the Membership Book and the first contribution of R110 to the Church Official. This will give you access to Pukwana ya Kganya Benefits and Services, subject to applicable terms and conditions.
  • The Church Official will stick a receipt into your Pukwana ya Kganya Membership Book in recognition of payment of your first Contribution.


  • Phone the Kganya Helpline on 0800 000 538 between 08h00 and 16h30 weekdays for any queries.
  • Visit your local Church Branch Committee to get the relevant claim form. The claim form will differ depending on which Benefit is being claimed for. The Church Branch Committee will help you complete the document.
  • Visit a Kganya Service Centre or a selection of Sanlam Client Care Offices (you can find the Kganya addresses on the Contact Us page or all addresses in your Membership Book Annexure).
  • Read the Summary Regulations contained in your Pukwana ya Kganya Membership Book as well as the requirements stated on the claim form.
  • Kganya will pay you or your beneficiary directly into the nominated bank account using EFT.
  • For Road Side Assistance Services or Funerary Management Services please phone the Kganya Helpline on 0800 000 538.