Kganya Electronic Payments

Kganya Electronic Payments


Dear Kganya Member

As of the 8th of January 2024, you will be able to pay your Sedi la Kganya and Kganya Koloi premium via an electronic payment solution called ZCM. ZCM is an online payment facility that allows you to electronically register and then to make easy monthly payments towards your Sedi la Kganya and / or your Kganya Koloi policy, directly from your bank account. ZCM is safe to use, and rest assured that payments via this application will reflect at Kganya within 5 business days. ZCM will also enable you to keep adequate record of all your payments made. Know that ZCM was developed for the ZCC members by the ZCC and ZetNet, and already has many other beneficial options available.

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To view the ‘How to’ video for Registration click here
To view the ‘How to’ video for Payments click here

Should you have any queries on this, you are welcome to speak to your Church Committee or you may contact the Kganya Call Center on 0800 000 538.

To view the Terms and Conditions for  Electronic Payments click here

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Protecting Your Security – Our Assurance Regarding Telephone Contact for Card Details

Kganya Insurance Administrators will never contact you telephonically for your debit or credit card details. Kindly be vigilant when receiving such calls. Always contact the Kganya Call Center on 0860 000 538 for any queries you might have.


“It is with great pleasure and excitement for me writing this email… The Webpage is easy to follow, so simplified, I made my payment in the comfort of my home. I have learned that Kganya have our interest at heart. I used to always complain about the long queues, missing Sunday sermons whilst queuing to pay for my Kganya book. another one checking my change and ensuring that my book is indeed paid now all those issues are addressed. Indeed today my prayers have been answered, and I have tested the system. It works perfectly fine. I thank you, for the greatest New year gift!” – Livhuwani

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