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life cover benefit options

The product will be sold on an individual policy basis. The following life cover benefit options will be made available in exchange for the stated premiums:

  Life Cover
Age at Entry R50,000 R75,000 R100,000
18 - 55 years R132 R185 R239
56 - 60 years R220 R318 R417

Claims as a result of insured events which occur during the waiting period
  Sum Assured
Duration since start of cover R50,000 R75,000 R100,000
0 to 6 months R0 R0 R0
7 to 12 months R25,000 R37,500 R50,000
More than 12 months R50,000 R75,000 R100,000

The minimum and maximum ages at entry are
Benefit Minimum Age at Entry Maximum Age at Entry
Life Cover 18 60

Welcome to the Kganya Website!
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